Roll of Honour

Soldiers who were born in Bungendore and District, who enlisted there, or whose parents resided there at the outbreak of the various conflicts in which Australia has been involved, have been eligible to have their names added to the Bungendore Roll of Honour (ROH). On occasions, names were invited through newspaper articles or advertisements. There was sometimes uncertainty as to who was entitled to be included, and this has lead to confusion in later years when no other records could be found in the district for a particular person named on the memorial. Omissions also caused concern on occasion, and there are numerous examples of names that have been added at a later date, sometimes squeezed in. For WWII and later conflicts, there were more complete records for servicemen and women, and the process of collecting names was a bit easier, but again some errors have been generated.

Further detail is on the NSW Register of War Memorials at